“Outclass the Competition” Series Launches April 4 at

 Digerati Link Conference Centers


(Columbus, OH) February 26, 2002 -- In conjunction with Digerati Link Conference Centers, Business Etiquette Consultant Rhonda Macy is pleased to bring the popular national seminar series Outclass the Competition to Columbus, Ohio.  Originating with the prestigious Protocol School of Washington, morning and evening sessions will be held on Thursday, April 4 at Digerati Link’s One Easton Oval facility.   One-hour sessions will begin at 8 AM and be repeated at 5 PM. 


Designed to provide savvy, up and coming business people with proven methods for navigating today’s tightly knit networks, Outclass the Competition provides an entertaining and informative crash course in contemporary business etiquette and protocol. 


“If you’re going to play the game, you’d better know the rules,” stated former Congresswoman, noted orator and educator Barbara Jordan.   Outclass the Competition seminars provide the roadmap for successfully and confidently:


·        Projecting the all important first impression

·        Perfecting the art and ease of memorable introductions

·        Effortlessly mingling while offering captivating small talk

·        Hosting productive and effective business luncheons


 “The key to successful professionals in today’s hyper-competitive business world is their ability to project confidence in their abilities while still engaging the client in a relationship of rapport,” says Rhonda Macy, a noted business etiquette consultant with over fifteen years of experience.  “People want to do business with those they respect and like.”


Joining forces with Digerati Link Conference Centers to host the seminars,  “Digerati Link offers intimate yet professional surroundings to bring out the best in this material, states Bobbi Sinn, manager of the conference facilities.  


Reservations are required to attend this complimentary crash course for learning successful etiquette for business settings.  Sessions are interactive necessitating space to be limited to 20 participants.   


For more information and to register, contact Bobbi Sinn at Digerati Link Conference Centers at 614-416-5051 or online at bsinn@digeratilink.com. 


About Rhonda Macy


Rhonda Macy is certified by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington and presents contemporary business etiquette and international protocol seminars and consultations for corporations and individuals nationwide.


About Digerati Link


 Digerati Link Conference Centers in Columbus, Chicago and Orlando provide superior technology-based learning environments and services to support creative business-driven meetings, training sessions and conferences.







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