June 25, 2001





The New Frontier: Outsource Space


Digerati Link Conference Centers help companies stretch their meeting and training dollars by providing state of the art meeting suites.   Suites are supported with customized audiovisual equipment and networked computer systems coupled with administrative services.  Digerati Link allows companies to focus more intently on their core meeting and training modules, not the site logistics.  Rooms are ready for clients to meet, train or plug-in 24/7.  High-speed Internet access, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, tables, desks, chairs and plenty of space to satisfy everyone is available.  Rooms are easily rearranged to meet company needs.  Snacks, fax, toys for de-stressing & having fun while you learn, photocopying, lunches, phones and support staff are also on hand.   Digerati Link is a calm/ interactive place to hold meetings, training sessions, or information exchanges, and is amazingly affordable.  “Pay-as-you-use” offers immediate return on investment.


"With only 35 days advance notice to Digerati Link, we trained 160 software engineers over eight days. …On a turnkey basis, their people provide great service, combined with an outstanding facility and use of the very best computer equipment. We'll be back." 

-  Michael A. Popper, Vice President of Customer Solutions, Kodak Polychrome Graphics.


Outsourcing Space Benefits include:

Reduce overhead expense

Increase flexible space & staffing

Improve company focus on core business

Gain access to high tech capabilities

Free up internal resources

Decrease capitol requirements


In conjunction with parent company Lease Marketing, Ltd., Digerati Link operates centers in Columbus, Ohio and the Chicago area.  Their management team includes Mark Simmons, President, co-founder and Ernest and Young's Chicago Entrepreneur of 1998, and Karen Dillon, Vice President, co-founder and 2001 Recipient of the Columbus Automobile Dealers' Association Lifetime Achievement Award.   Bobbi Sinn, Manager of Conference Centers, a meeting professional and adult learning specialist, leads the overall strategic development, defines the vision and sets the initiatives to maximize best practices for clients.


For more information about Digerati Link Conference Centers in Columbus or Chicago, call 1-800-349-7859 or 614-416-5051 or access their web site at www.digeratilink.com.  A visit with Digerati Link will take you into a new frontier of fun, high-tech facilities.  ###


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