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Accelerated Business Building Wholesale Package

"Helping You Advance with Customized Content & Other Products Plus Business Support Services"

... Where The Goal Is To Not Only Get You Help Along with A Project Manager and Team to Complete Your Tasks, Projects, To Do Lists and Other Work,
But to Also Get You Customized Targeted Content, Products and Services to Get Your Info Out There, Marketing And Working For You
- Automatically -
Leaving You Free To Do Other Things!


Dear Internet Marketer,

If you’re even thinking about getting some help with your projects, you’ve come to a super affordable place! Since your time is precious, let’s cut to the chase. No digging for prices or other details here.

Once you choose our help, you get:

The targeted help you need for your projects. No more hiring one person for linking only, one more for writing only, one more for blogging only, etc. with no one helping manage or checking on the work in progress to make sure it's getting done - and the right way. Work one-on-one with your project manager who coordinates your project work for you, regardless of holidays in other countries, sick days, etc. Your manager and co-workers make sure your work is getting done so you don't have to.

Customized business support services and products to fit your project needs including any and all PLR (private label rights) articles & other materials we create just for you.

To avoid expensive start-up fees and set-up costs. There are no start-up fees, no set-up other fees or expenses with this program. Your payments go right to work for you.

To avoid more paper work and contracts with the program. You simply order the time you need. There is no long term commitment. Service runs month to month.

Help starting and / or expanding your operations with your choice of business support services and product creation at wholesale rates. Throughout the month, pick & choose the work you need: work with your project manager to grow programs, start new ones, revise old ones...whatever you need, when you need it.

So it's a no-lose win-win, for sure! Can't go wrong.

Our work can include and is not limited to:

* Web research
* Organizing information
* Data entry
* Writing/phone communications
* Reports

Website Managing
* Basic Website Creation with Template / HTML
* Web Promotion and SEO
* Google Adwords & eBay Marketing
* Shopping cart integration
* Website Maintenance and updating
* Content Creation

* Phone Communication with Partners
* Ebay Auctions
* Personal finance tasks
* Resolving simple Personal issues
* Posting classified ads
* Ordering gifts
* Arranging appointments
* Travel arrangements/research
* Help with Creation of Project Plans
* Coaching: get help learning the Internet marketing ropes, setting up your online business & growing it & more. Then get help from us each step of the way while we write your content, jump-start your marketing with it and much more. No need to go it alone!

Office Skills
* MS Word
* MS Excel
* MS PowerPoint

Writing & Marketing
* Product descriptions
* News Letters
* Press Releases & Submission
* Thank You letters
* Responses to Customer E-Mails
* Job Placement & Ad Classifieds
* Reports
* Research Summarize
* Article Writing, Re-Writing (Revision of PLR Content) & Submission
* Blogging
* Craigslist and other Classified Ads

* Click here: "100+ Ways we Can Help" Checklist

* Click here: Top Tasks Ordered

Helpful Links for You

Learn more: About Us
Many Work Samples: Here
Lots of Testimonials: of Warriors & others
How Pricing Works, Questions Asked by Others & More...: FAQs
To view a small sampling of ways we could help with your business, click Here

"What does this mean to me?"
You may be wondering.....

Check out the other Benefits & Bonuses!

With our help, you can:

- Get help. No need to worry about Worker's Comp, health insurance costs, benefits packages, etc. We're a team of freelancers; work with us and forget all that.

- Get targeted IM (Internet marketing)help : - Help with Craigslist ads, eBay reports, auctions, your own Virtual Real Estate Empire (VRE) and more, OnlyWire, Squidoo, MySpace, Web 2.0 marketing, PLR content (original with all rights for you), PLR revision of what you have already, press releases, article and press release submission and follow up (online and off), blogging, press kit, copywriting, leads, forms, autoresponders and their series, making freebies or paid products (ebooks, reports, guides, etc.), linking, shopping cart set up and maintenance, PLR branding, loading and marketing, help with affiliate program set up and operation ...and more!

- Get targeted offline marketing help, too: postcards, flyers, lead generation and follow up, presentations, booklets, books, reports, education and training materials, press kit, copywriting, press releases and follow up with media for placement opportunities, column and article ideas, newsletters, B2B tele-sales, sales letters, DM (direct marketing) packages and more!

- Get away for a vacation, recover from burn-out or just take a breather for awhile: short-term or long-term, while we do the work.

- Save time and money and get your projects in motion (put them on auto-pilot)!

- Enjoy yourself, your family - - your life more. With increased help, time, income, savings, sales and marketing, you can decrease stress, long workdays and work weeks, hectic running around and juggling.

- Grow not only in the business realm, but in other areas. With extra and improved quality time, energy and resources, grow and round out your life; be more sociable, reach into your spirituality, give back to the community more...

- Save LOTS of money on set-up and other fees charged by other programs. No fees here!


- We can work with you via gmail / email, our support desk at:, or other avenues like Google docs, keeping everything in one place.

- We use the Warrior Forum of Allen Says for discussing Internet Marketing.

- Bookmark: here and our blog at:, where we offer helpful articles about growing your business and about business support services so that you can learn more and keep up with industry changes and advances.

- You'll spot email, phone numbers, address (been here roughly 10 + years, yada, yada, yada....), etc. on nearly any and all pages of website. Not into "scary" on line transactions and zero follow up & / or silence, etc. here!

- Payment includes revision work - - bottom line: we want you to get what you ordered and can use & be very happy and re-order, brag, earn big bucks and remember some help came from your articles and services from here when you give your power speeches, etc. - of course giving my group and company a free plug :)

Rights You Get with Any and All Your Ghostwritten Content Created for Your Projects Include:

[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it
[YES] Can be used as web content
[YES] Can be broken down into articles
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can Sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights

Do what you want, your content is yours!

BONUSES: See the P.S. at the bottom of this page!

So get moving with your projects and order today. This limited offer may expire at any time. We have pulled it before, & even raised the price instead of pulling it altogether, because we did not want to overload our team. Quality over quantity is our goal.

Bottom line: if we can't deliver, we don't offer the service at this special rate. And we do try to keep it available as much as possible, only closing to temporarily get caught up as needed so that your project work is customized like you want. It's that simple!

So order Your Own Virtual Assistant - AND team! Accelerate your business with wholesale Customized Content, Products & Business Support Services. And get moving ahead with your projects: your autoresponders series, blogs, ezines, ebooks, reports, courses, guides / manuals and more. You can't beat this much help for such a low rate per month!

Subscribe to out monthly Accelerated Business Building Wholesale Package and get Your Own Personal Virtual Assistants - A Team, Helping You Advance with Customized Content, Products & Business Support Services, with no minimum number of months for commitment. You may cancel at any time. All credits good for 30 days from purchase.

Check out time, click here:

Full Time Outsourcing @ 40 hours per month = $357 USD
(approx. 8.93 per hour)
Saving You Nearly 20% Over Our Hourly Pricing. even more:

Full Time Outsourcing @ 62 hours per month = $497 USD
(approx. 8.02 per hour)
Saving You Nearly 25% Over Our Hourly Pricing.

Accelerated Business Building Wholesale Package

Your Own Virtual Assistant - AND team!

"Helping You Advance with Customized Content, Products & Business Support Services"

Contact us for other methods of payment.


Diana Barnum

P.S. BONUSES: Our monthly subscription VA clients receive submission of their URLs and RSS feeds to directories, free Linkvana blog posts with anchor text and more ...with their content and tasks….each and every month (check with us for the current month's Bonus). Don't Delay! Finally get your project tasks done once and for all, and enjoy ongoing-maintenance.


 Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and for visiting today.

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