New Case K-Series Single Hand Control

by Diana Barnum

The new Case K-Series Crawler Dozers PowerSteer System offers equipment operators easier control over the dual hand levers in the H-Series. Their heavy range140-net-hp 1650K and 180-net-hp 1850K machines push 100% torque through turns.
“The K-Series uses a single hand lever control and is popular because it is easy to run,” said Tom Truck, branch manager of the Dublin, Ohio office, Southeastern Equipment. Southeastern Equipment sells, rents and services new and used construction equipment in over a dozen locations throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. “The equipment has infinitely variable speeds with hydrostatic transmissions.”
The 1650K XLT (Extra Long Track) /LGP (Low Ground Pressure) model has a Cummins 6BT-5.9 fuel injection 6-cylinder engine that takes diesel fuel. Engine speeds range from 800/950 low idle to 2350 high idle - no load. The hydraulic system features variable equipment and steering pump with piston pump load sensing and maximum pump flow of 31.7gpm at 2000 rpm. Undercarriage specs include hydraulic track adjustment and 48 track shoes, 8 rollers and 2 carrier rollers per side. Track measures 22” for the XLT, 31.5” for the LGP. Operating weight is 33,780 lbs for the XLT, 35,700 lbs for the LGP.

The 1850K comes in three models: Long Track (LT), XLT and LGP. Track measures 22” and 24” for the LT and XLT and 30” and 36” for the LGP. Operating weights are 43,762 lbs for the LT, 45,415 lbs for the XLT and 48,590 for the LGP.
But the K-models are not the only popular pieces of equipment at Southeastern in Dublin. The Case 550H Crawler Dozer, included along the same line up as the K-Series, is working hard for C&C Trenching, owned by John & Dave Coe of New Albany, Ohio. C&C digs basements and footers and for utility services. Their current job site is a new housing development construction site called Harbor Point, just east of Alum Creek. Crews are digging basements, cutting roads, moving dirt and grading yards with the 550H for Showcase Homes, a division of M/I Schottenstein Homes Inc.
“It’s easy to operate,” said Scotty Sparks, equipment operator for C&C. “They’re hauling in dirt for the yard right now. And we’re raising the grading up to the Tough & Dry Waterproof level. And 10ft. out it needs to be 6” so that water sheds down and away from the house.” The H-Series offers three track configurations: LT, Wide Track (WT) and LGP. A Case 4-390 or 4T-390 engine is featured with four cylinders and using #2 diesel fuel.
What’s the main difference between the H & K, other than job size? The H has two different hand controls, one for each track, with 4-speeds: high with 2nd and 4th gears, and low with 1st and 3rd gears. In other words, a turn might mean 80% turn to one track, 20% to the other. The K does not have this feature. All power goes through only one hand control.
“The H has two hand levers, giving power to both sides or tracks so it’ll turn,” explained Truck. “With the K, the flow of the hydraulic fluid powers the tracks and spreads the flow, say 80%, 20% for a turn. In my opinion, with the K, a good operator will do better. And for a poor operator, it’ll make him better.”
Hydraulic features are being added to the new smaller Case machines coming up. For more information about Case equipment, contact the Southeastern Equipment corporate office at 10874 East Pike Road, Cambridge, Ohio 43725. Call: (740) 432-6131; or fax inquiries to: (740) 432-6351. Visit them online at