Economic Dust Control Solutions

by Diana Barnum

Clients' trucks head to the scale house but first approach Olen Corporation's wheel wash system, rigged up with old piping.
Photos by Diana Barnum

HILLIARD, OH - Need help stretching that budget? Check with your employees. That is how Olen Corporation found economic dust control solutions. Some crew members created their own equipment and designed their own wash system.
“We converted an old Mack dump truck into a water truck by adding our own tank,” said Jerry Bennet, quarry foreman at Olen Corporation’s facilities on Amity Road in Hilliard, OH. “And we rigged up our wheel wash system from old piping.”
Before clients’ trucks reach the scale house, they pass through Olen’s wheel wash system, where a continual spray of water cleans off debris.
Meanwhile, Olen’s old blue Mack water truck makes a complete round, watering down limestone dust from the long entrance, around the operations area, and down into the pit about every 45 minutes; less during busy times. Two man-made lakes supply plenty of water; one waters the limestone mounds and operations’ area, the other waters the pit area below. A network of pumps, hoses and filters eventually recycle the water, pumping it back into the lakes and also into the Big Darby Creek nearby.
Originally, the Olen Corporation in Hilliard was acquired by Kokosing Materials, Inc., in 1983. Olen’s first site is now Antrim Park on route 315. In 1989, they began construction of their Columbus sand and gravel operations at Hartman Farms Plant #3. Today, Olen’s maintains six facilities in Ohio, including a new one just getting ready to begin operations in Chillicothe; McCarthy Concrete Division in Harpster, Olen Corporation in Stewart, in Saint Louisville, and two in the Columbus area.
Equipment Design Help

Olen Coporation workers added a tank to this old blue Mack truck converting it into a water truck. It's spraying the path coming up out of the pit in Hilliard, just outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Designing your own equipment sounds simple, right? There are resources out there for help turning your dinosaurs into working Flintstone machines. Mack-man Gary Williams, sales and leasing manager of Columbus Truck and Equipment Company on East Fifth Avenue has been in the business 30 years and offers his expertise:
• First get a chassis with the right CA dimension or cable axle – from front to back of cab to center of axle.
• Then check with a tank manufacturer. He can help you select a tank with this CA information.
• Make sure you have components to carry the weight – have your Mack Man or tank representative go over calculations with / for you. On average you need about 2,800 gallons of water for quarries. Multiply 8.6 pounds per gallon of water X 2,800 gallons = 24, 080 pounds you’ll need to carry. Check your vehicle- it might haul 12,000 pounds on the front axle, 23,000 pounds on the rear axle, or 35,000 pounds, plus the truck weight.
For help with tank specs, Shane Newson, sales manager of Valew Welding in Adelanto, CA offers his expertise.
“The standard tank size for a quarry is 2,500 gallons,” said Shane Newson. “We have tanks, complete kits, complete installation, and can help.”
Water wash system designs were not readily available, but Olen’s has offered to help anyone who would like to call.
So what are the results of these economizing efforts? Olen’s boasts good community relations. Their clean sites bring in tours.
“We go out and talk to principals in schools – 3rd and 4th grade are best,” said Bennet. “That’s when they have lessons in their curriculum on geology, and they like tours.”
Teachers enjoy tours, too. Visitors find fossilized arrowheads and shell imprints. They also discover answers to questions like: What mineral resources are there in Ohio? How does geology affect our land? What is the importance of mining? For example, a group from the Ohio's Mineral Industries & the Environment Teachers Workshop spent a half-day field trip was at the Olen Corporation Columbus Plant #3 in Franklin County. Educators examined one of the latest dredgers and a computer-managed sand and gravel operation.
Many Ohioans do not realize that materials like sand, gravel and sandstone are produced in their state. So Olen’s reaches out and helps teach them. There is economizing on dust control solutions at Olen Corporation, but not on education.
For help setting up a wheel wash system, contact Chris Wagner or Leroy Walls at Olen Corporation, 4755 S. High Street, Columbus, Oh 43207, 614- 491-1515 (ph). For vehicle conversion calculations, contact Mack Man Gary Williams at Columbus Truck and Equipment Company, 1688 E. 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43219, 614-252-3111 (ph). For tank help, contact Valew Welding at 12522 Violet Road, Adelanto, CA 92301, 760-249-4878 (ph); 760-246-4088 (fax); (email)