Portability of Conveyors is Claim to Fame

by Diana Barnum, Correspondent
The new Auto-Belt Sampler (ABS), an automatic system with real-time, less-than-a-second sampling, information has been introduced by Superior Industries, an Astec company.
There’s no need to stop the conveyor belt with ABS, no need for dedicated personnel. But the portability of Superior’s conveyors is their true claim to fame.
“Our most popular conveyor, the Telestacker 150 is about 10,000 lbs. heavier than our competitor’s, and more versatile. It folds up and goes,” said Danny Glassic, graphic designer for Superior. “And on the PowerStacker 125, both ends fold up. It’s totally hydraulic.”
Glassic said that Superior is breaking into the underground mining industry and that their quarry clients use these conveyors mainly in the aggregate industry right now. They want to be able to pick up and go to the next location quickly.
The TeleStacker comes in three models, the TS110, TS130, and TS150. All feature a 10 hp motor powering a 5-gallon-per-minute pump at 3000 psi. Electrical panels boast 480 VAC, 3-phase/60-Hz starters with 120VAC and 24VDC control. They include an AB SLC500 5/03 PLC, micro relays and tilt switch making them fully automated. The three drive motors are convertible from 480VAC to 240VAC.
The TS110 has a 110-foot working conveyor length, measures 60 feet from kingpin to head in transport, weighs 42,000 lbs., 28,000 lbs. on axle, has a conveyor capacity of 500 tph and sports a 52-inch main truss depth. Maximum pile height at 20 degrees is 37 feet, 7 inches; at 90 degrees it is 17,529 yards; at 180 degrees it’s 31, 060 yards and conical is 3,998 yards.
The TS130 has a 130-foot working conveyor measuring 70 feet from kingpin to head in transport. It weighs 52,200 lbs., 34,500 lbs. on axle, has a conveyor capacity of 850 tph, along with a 70-inch main truss depth. Maximum pile height at 20 degrees is 42 feet, 6 inches; at 90 degrees it comes in at 27,556 yards; and at 180 degrees it is 48,141 yards and conical is 6,971 yards.
The TS150 has a 150-foot working conveyor measuring 80 feet from kingpin to head in transport. It weighs 64,500 lbs., 40,000 lbs. on axle, has a conveyor capacity of 1000 tph and also a 70-inch main truss depth. Maximum pile height at 20 degrees is 50 feet; at 90 degrees it is 44,045 yards; and at 180 degrees its specs show it at 78,420 yards and conical is 9,670 yards.
The PowerStacker Conveyors come in 80-, 95-, 110-, 125- and 150-foot models. Their features include:
• Heavy-duty truss frame with towing eye
• Shaft-mounted, gear reduced drive assembly
• Vulcanized, lagged drive pulley and self-cleaning wing type tail pulley
• Fifth-wheel hitch and CEMA Idlers
• Screw type take-ups with a full 18- to 24-inches of travel.
From one location at the hydraulic control center, you can have the conveyor up and ready within minutes.
How do Superior’s customers like their conveyors?
“We save about 30 cents per ton. We have a 110 TeleStacker and a 150 TeleStacker, and they’re great,” said Allan Cowan, superintendent for Jones Bros. Dirt and Paving Contractors, Inc., of Odessa, Texas. “In all we have 65 conveyors, different types, but we’re replacing the conveyor components with Superior’s parts.”
Jones Bros. has been using conveyors on state road construction projects. Their automated conveyors mean high-quality and high-capacity production and less handling and haul truck costs. They nicknamed their automated TS110 “Christine” after the car in the horror movie that had a mind of its own, since they rarely have to look after it.
Another client, United Materials, a Great Falls, Montana-based aggregate producer, also cut costs and boosted profits with Superior. Significant savings were the result of eliminating haul trucks, penalty costs at $1-3 per ton, increased compaction and additional material handling and labor expenses.
“We have a 130-foot TeleStacker. It’s easily moved, very portable. And we have four 80-foot field conveyors,” said Terry McIntyre, superintendent for United.
He explained that their equipment set up with the right crushers, screens and conveyors allowed them to easily switch between products.
Superior also carries FD axle assemblies, portable feed hoppers, modular feed systems, rip rap feeders and portable screen plant chassis. For more information their claim to fame, contact Superior Industries at P.O. Box 684, Highway 28 East, Morris, MN 56267. Call: (800) 321-1558, or fax inquiries to: (320) 589-2260.