Who You Gonna Call? Mobile Man

by Diana Barnum
Ever need someone to grease drivelines, check out mechanical equipment problems or recharge dead batteries in the winter? Well, help may only be a phone call away to the new mobile man serving Ohio.
For lube and equipment service in multi-industries, owner Ben Turley of Mobile Equipment Lube & Service Co. LLC, brings his office and equipment to all types of sites; construction, waste handling, quarry and transportation.
“I did the same work for George Igel and Company (Construction) on Alum Creek Drive for five years,” said Turley. “And then I decided to go out on my own.”
One-Man Operation
Equipment is the cornerstone of his operation, said Turley.
The fledgling entrepreneur works out of a brand new 2001 Peterbilt 33 with a custom designed interior and back-end storage are with hose reels and underneath storage compartments. He found the custom design parts at Clutch and Friction in Norfolk, Ohio, and various other places.
The Peterbilt features easy in-and-out doors that open a full 90 degrees, a Caterpillar 190-300 HP engine, a transverse mounted exhaust, an immersion heater, heavy duty crossmembers, high mount exhaust routing, _ and full length liners, stainless exhaust guards, back-up alarms, heated mirrors and additional ABS cable.
The truck’s interior boasts a 250-gallon capacity tank storage for used oil and a Type-30 two stage Ingersoll-Rand reciprocating air compressor. The compressor has a one-piece connecting rod, 100% cast iron frame, ductile iron crankshaft, centrifugal unloader and simple combination and multifinger valves.
A Lincoln Electric Ranger 8 welder/generator with a Kohler engine is also stored inside. It features a 250 amp AC/225 amp DC stick engine driven arc welder, a 200 amp CV-wire welding, hour meter, glow plug, polarity switch, two 115 volt duplex receptacles, a 115/230 volt full KVA receptacle, and all outputs at 100% duty cycle.
“This is basically my office,” said Turley. “I had an ’87 International that kept breaking down, and hurt my reliability. But I still have it. I’ll replace the engine and put it out on the road if I have to.”
Turley also uses his Ford F-150 pickup truck, and has a seasonal employee who pitches in when the workload gets heavy.
Although Ben Turley appears to basically be a one-man operation, his wife, Kathy Turley, is a vital partner at the communications’ helm. She takes calls and works in the home office, communicating frequently with “Slow Dog,” their heavy equipment parts and service runner, AKA Mark Sladoje, owner/operator of Parts Resources.
“Everybody calls him “Slow Dog” because of his last name,” explained Kathy. “It’s pronounced something like “slow doggie.”
Regarding Mobile Equipment operations, she added, “This job is pretty much full time for me, too.”
Kathy and Ben communicate mainly with Verizon cell phones. Their cell phone service does pose problems from time to time, like clicking on the line and various regional charges that pop up and shouldn’t, but they haven’t found a better system yet.
The Turley’s have a variety of clients. Last week, Ben serviced a Freightliner for Hilltop Transportation on Cleveland Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. While he was servicing the truck’s three dead batteries on a frosty, winter morning, he discovered an air leak on the engine’s air compressor and tackled that project, too.
Mobile Equipment also services heavy equipment at Luburgh Construction Company in Zanesville, Ohio, greasing their dozers and other equipment nightly.
“They’re very reliable and very nice to work with,” said Nancy Dilly, office manager at Luburgh. “(Ben) greases and maintains the equipment and notifies us if something needs done or repaired.”
Although most of the Mobile Equipment’s marketing is word-of-mouth, Luburgh Construction heard about them a little differently.
“He (Ben) came in one day and asked if he could grease our equipment. So we thought we’d give him a try,” said Dilly.
Another client, Colvin Gravel Company, Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, hires Mobile Equipment to service a lot of their quarry and waste handling equipment.
“Ben does good work,” said Tim Colvin, secretary and treasurer. “Ben greases and oil changes our Komatsu PC 200 excavators, D-53 and D-75 loaders, JCB-214 and John Deere 410 rubber tire hoes, and leaves repair notes for the mechanics. That’s a big help.”
What are the majority of jobs that Mobile Equipment handles at this time?
“Most of his business is centered around regular maintenance, oil changes, filters – the Fleet Guard line - and replacing wear parts like cutting edges,’ said Sladoje. “And I either have parts in stock or get them within 24 hours. Can’t sell hay out of an empty hay wagon, that’s what they say!”
Any seasonal changes?
“He’s down on maintenance right now, but doing repairs that couldn’t be done in the summer,” said Sladoje.
Just a cell phone (or regular phone) call away, Mobile Man Turley said there is no construction site, quarry or waste-handling operation he won’t visit with his mobile service.
For more information, contact the Turley’s at Mobile Equipment Lube & Service, Co. LLC, 120 Tremont Drive, Baltimore, OH 43105. Phone (740) 862-9955 or toll free (877) 898-LUBE. Fax (740) 862-6175. E-mail equiplube@ yahoo.com . For more information about Parts Resources call: (614) 395-4064.