Indiana Recycler Focuses on Dealer Support

by Diana Barnum
When it comes to recycling wood-based products for profit and helping the environment, no one does it better than Koetter and Smith, Inc.
The Borden, Indiana-company recycles and reuses as many wood-based by-products as possible to save landfill space. They grind up debris from tree limbs, cabinet shops, dimension mills and veneer clippings. Everything comes into their facility; there is no onsite service. But there is one thing that is top priority with their equipment. And that is dealer support.
“We run 24 hours a day,” said Bill Miller, manager at Koetter and Smith. “So we rely heavily on dealer support. Having a large inventory of parts and long service hours are important to us.”
Machines kept in top shape round-the-clock include Caterpillar (Cat) IT28 and IT18 loaders from Whayne Supply in Louisville, Kentucky. The Cat IT28G Integrated Tool Carrier has a swing-out style radiator fan that helps keep the machine cleaner and quieter. A new cab offers greater visibility, and larger 20.5 X 25 tires offer better stability for moving larger items. An eight-bar parallel-design linkage aids precision tasks.
And the model boasts a Cat 3116T engine with a gross 137 hp, has an operating weight of 26,526 lb, bucket capacity of 2 cubic yards and overall height of 10.66 feet.
Retrec K2000 and K1250 wood waste grinders are also top priority. Koetter and Smith is a dealer for Retec Industries, a designer and builder of size reduction equipment. Units range from 40 hp to 200 hp and can handle from 500 to 15,000 lbs. per hour. Screen size, materials processed and hp determine the amount and speed material can be processed, noted Miller.
Screens of choice for Koetter and Smith are Royer Trommel Screens, model 616, from Powerscreen Indiana, Inc. Trommel 600 series and 830 models have rotating screen drums and are most often used for compost, mulch, yard waste, bio solids, concrete and demolition.
Koetter equipment enables them to concentrate on several products - compost, wood flour, chips, shavings and mulch. Their compost is a blend of wood chips mixed with horse, chicken and turkey manures for potting plants and amending soil. Wood flour products are made from a screening and kiln drying process. Chips are created in several sizes for boiler fuels, playground material and press board. Shavings are used for animal bedding, mainly horses in Kentucky, but also to provide a soft base for chickens, turkeys and dairy cattle.
And Koetter and Smith mulch is a double-processed hardwood, great for retaining moisture, available in bulk or bagged.
“In good times and bad, people always need animal bedding and mulch. They’ll come and get their own,” said Miller.
Koetter and Smith serves a five-state area – Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Tennessee.
For more information, contact Koetter and Smith at 8991 Louis Smith Road, Borden, Indiana 47106. Call: (812) 923-5111, or fax inquiries to: (812) 923-5843. Whayne Supply Company can be reached at 1400 Cecil Ave., Louisville, KY 40211. Call: (502) 774-4441, or fax inquires to: (502) 776-1970. Powerscreen Indiana Inc. is located at 309 W. Stocker Street, Angola, IN 46703. Call: (219) 665-5816.