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Diana Barnum, President

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Crazy 8s! Membership Program

"Helping You Advance with Customized Content & Business Support Services"

Join our WSO* "Crazy 8s!"

... Where The Goal Is To Not Only Get You Customized,
Targeted Content, But To Get It Out Marketing And Working
For You - Automatically - Leaving You Free To Do Other Things!

It's an $8 per month membership site
with Your Own Customized Private Label Rights (PLR)
content written just for you - and submitted!

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you’re even thinking about getting some help with your projects, you’ve come to a super affordable place! Since you’re time is precious, let’s cut to the chase. No digging for prices or other details here!

For only $8 per month, you get 1 keyword content article of no less than 400 words ghostwritten just for you - - granting you all rights, everything included - PLUS Free Submission to over 40,000+ publishers & hundreds of article sites! Or you can grab a different $8 item (see info below).  PLUS you get cool freebies you won't find other places - -like additional services for your marketing needs &  PLR content created by our team for you to use.

So it's a no-lose win-win, for sure! Can't go wrong for $8.

Plus once you sign up, you get to participate in…

Our other $8 Specials in the Crazy 8s! program including the ones below (and adding more!) Pick and choose or store and save. Credits are good for 6 months & you can check updated products & services at the time of ordering. Simply order only what you want - when you want - once you are a member of our Crazy 8s! program. Popular Crazy $8 offers in the program are:           

          Additional ghostwritten keyword content articles written just for you @ $8 each! (Priority is given to members only after we close WSO doors here! I.E. our members can still continue to order up to 10 per month at that rate & are given priority. If more are needed, contact us first for availability - first come, first served basis.   
         Submission Service for $8 - We will submit :

(a) Up to 4 articles a month for you to over 40,000+ publishers & hundreds of article sites! The articles can be written by you, or can have been written by us for you, or can be ones where you have rights to use; i.e. they need to be your revised PLR content if they are from other membership sites.

(b) PLUS we will submit your websites' and / or blogs' RSS feeds AND URLS (domains) to directories (this is plural!) Send us your list and we'll do these regularly each month - all for the $8 1-time-rate - until you cancel or decide to use the $8 for something else. Members get another subscription & use this just for regular submission for everything - that works, too!

Blogging and / or Craigslist Service: 2 posts for $8 - We will blog for you! Hire us to post on blogs and / or Craigslist for you using your links (tracking links, affiliate links…whatever…all welcome). We’ll make 2 posts ranging from 50 to 200 words each (depending upon topic - ex: rocket science is more difficult) per post on blogs using your name, topic, text links, anchor links, any links accepted by the blogs ...and your content or our ghost content (your choice) focused on what you'd like. Get your posts with links on your blogs, our blogs, others’ blogs. Your choice. (See us for variations like a different number of posts with different word counts, & we'll try to work out a plan to fit your needs).
         Revision & Rewrite Work:  approx. 400 words for $8 - We will revise your old PLR content you have available. (Note: It does not have to be written by us!) Any approx. 400-word piece (or a total writing package of approx. 400 words total) for just $8!
         PLR Content Packs for 8$ - Choose a PLR pack (some are Free Bonuses - see below) ... plus choose one that's offered for $8 one month like:

"Autoresponder PLR Info & Review 10-Pack + Bonus! For just $8 total!"

- 10 Articles (both in text and Word files) created by us to revise and use as your own about autoresponders, several reviews of the top autoresponders out there today and a few tools for them. Insert your own affiliate links for the autoresponder programs and tools. The affiliate programs are offered through Clickbank and Yanik Silver's SurefireMarketing, both free progams. Titles are:

1. Autoresponders – What Are They And Why Do You Need Them?
2. Overview of Basic Autoresponder Features
3. Review of Aweber (
4. Review of 1shoppingcart autoresponders
5. Review of
6. Review of
7. Review of Dr. Quek's Perl Script Archives
8. Review of Autoresponder Profits
9. Review of Million Dollar Emails by Yanik Silver
10. Review of Autoresponder Magic by Yanik Silver

+++ A cool BONUS!

License inside. +++ A cool BONUS: 5 headers in gif and png files to edit or use "as is" on your blogs & other web pages! Example: Here

Upgrade - Use your $8 credits towards our other products and services. For example, order a more in-depth article with quotes, stats, research, etc. for media. Or choose the latest ebook, a press release, a blog package or even your own VA (virtual assistant) and team.

Check out our stores to review some of the more popular items people choose:

Special: Monthly Service Packs
Our Bookstore
Our Online Service Center

Helpful Links for You

Learn more: About Us
Live Samples: 7 Habits and Millionaire of Month
Many More Work Samples: Here and Here
Lots of Testimonials: of Warriors & others
Questions asked by others: FAQs

"What does this mean to me?"
You may be wondering.....

It means that as a member of the Crazy 8s! you can choose whichever $8 item you want each month. You can:

 - Have an article ghostwritten just for you one month & submitted!

- Get more links and get the word out on your own promotions with some blog posts. Set us up to do this monthly & it's automated!

- Have an article, your RSS feed and your domain all submitted instead.
- Have some PLR content revised instead.
- Put our Submission Service to use: get your feeds out there, your URLs, your old articles...promote!
- Pick and choose, mix and match, store and save...Your Choice. Finally a program customized for Your Needs - -and Super Affordable to Boot! It’s crazy, that’s for sure!
- Remain a member to not miss out or anything, but are too busy one month to plan... so you choose two $8 items next month…and so on. They accumulate! Save for an autoresponder series, a report, a guide, a manual, to put into an ebook, etc.
- Set up any of the above for regular monthly IM (Internet marketing) & it's automated! Set up one account for each site or project & automate more at only $8 each.

"Check out the other Benefits & Bonuses!"

With our articles, you can:

- Get help. No need to worry about Worker's Comp, health insurance costs, benefits packages, etc. We're a team of freelancers; work with us and forget all that.

- Get away for a vacation, recover from burn-out or just take a breather for awhile: short-term or long-term, while we do the work.

- Save time and money and get your projects in motion (put them on auto-pilot)!

- Enjoy yourself, your family - - your life more. With increased help, time, income, savings, sales and marketing, you can decrease stress, long workdays and work weeks, hectic running around and juggling.

- Grow not only in the business realm, but in other areas. With extra and improved quality time, energy and resources, grow and round out your life; be more sociable, reach into your spirituality, give back to the community more...

- Take advantage of Member Bonuses: neat downloads to use with projects, lots of PLR articles from us to use and more. See partial list: Here.


88 Ways to Start or Grow Your Business - Many for $8 or Less!

Get help right away starting or growing your business with our FREE guide. No experience necessary. Something for everyone from newbies to advanced!


- Our membership site is at:

- Each article is checked with (to check research, outlines, etc.)

- Members use the Warrior Forum of Allen Says for discussing PLR articles and article marketing.

- Our main site here and our blog at: both offer helpful articles about using content to help grow your business.

- You'll spot my email, phone number, address (been here roughly 10 + years; own home, yada, yada, yada....), etc. on nearly any and all pages of my sites. Not into "scary" on line transactions and zero follow up & / or silence, etc. here!

- Payment includes revision work - within reason, obviously at the price - -but want you to get what you ordered and can use & be very happy and re-order, brag, earn big bucks and remember some help came from your articles & services from here when you give your power speeches, etc. - of course giving my group and company a free plug :)

Rights You Get with Your Ghostwritten Article Include:

[NO] Includes Sales Page
[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it
[YES] Can be used as web content
[YES] Can be broken down into articles
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can Sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights

Do what you want, the articles are yours!

So get moving with your projects and order today. This limited offer may expire at any time. We have pulled it before, & even raised the price to $16 instead of pulling it altogether, because we did not want to overload our writers. Quality over quantity is our goal.

But, good news! We have more help and are ready to help more Warriors with their projects. Bottom line: if we can't deliver, we don't offer the service at this special rate. And we do try to keep it available as much as possible, only closing to temporarily get caught up as needed so that each order is customized like you want. It's that simple!

So order your articles today. And get moving ahead with your projects: your autoresponders series, blogs, ezines, ebooks, reports, courses, guides / manuals and more. You can't beat this much help for roughly 25 cents per day!

Thank you for your interest. However, this program is FULL at this time. Please sign up and we will notify you when we have openings: (all info remains confidential)


Crazy 8s! @ $8

Crazy 8s! Membership

Only $8 per month
Note: Please contact us for other methods of payment.

Once you pay, you will use our Membership site and blog at:


Diana Barnum

P.S. Don't forget to check out some of the Free Bonuses that come with your Membership (there are more)!

P.S.S. Don't Delay! Subscribe now because once membership is capped, we close the door until openings pop up or until we get more good help.

  *WSO (Warrior Special Offer) is good for a limited time for only a limited number of Warrior members to ensure quality content at this level and to maintain deadlines. For more info, use the 'Contact Us' link above. As openings become available, we announcement via a WSO to fellow Warriors from the Warrior Forum of Allen Says. Thank you!

 Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and for visiting today.

© Moving Ahead Communications.
All rights Reserved Worldwide.

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