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Diana Barnum, President

3288 Darby Glen Blvd
Hilliard, Ohio 43026
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Q / A

Here are some Q/A's to quickly help you learn about our services here at Moving Ahead Communications and our partners at The Ohio Help Group @ Feel free to contact us for additional details.

What services / products do you offer?

We offer a variety of freelance writing services & products. See our lists by clicking: Here and our Top Tasks of the Year, by clicking: Here ...Need more help? Just ask!

What are your rates?

We offer per project rates, a flat rate and also hourly rates, competitive with industry standards. And we welcome the opportunity to work within your planning and budgeting needs. Read on for more details and pricing info...

Could you describe how hours would work in the Virtual Assistant / Wholesale Package?

Sure! First of all note that what you get is not the same as 40 hours FT per month; our work is targeted & better.

An example of what works well is to split up your monthly rate by 4 weeks, and then focus on the per-week rate, Monday - Friday.

Then the specific type and amount of work completed for you depends upon the skills / technical levels, etc. needed for your projects. Lots of examples of work that we do at our lowest (pricing) end are listed here: Crazy 8's and other ranges at our Best Buys page. Happy to help see what your project work would be, too - -just give a shout!

Bottom line: we can quote you a variety of payment options. Just let us know what you need, what works best with your projects.

- You don't have to worry about a FT person off for holiday or a sick day, or spending 4 hours on a 30 minute task because of messing around or lack of skills, etc

- You have a team leader cracking the whip and working right along with team members who excel at their tasks.

- Say “Goodbye!” to training multiple workers. Only train the team leader. The team leader is then responsible to train others needed for each task, even for working with those filling in for others during sick time, vacations, etc.

- We’ll work with you on your tasks so you feel you get your money’s worth and make sure you approve of the workload for your dollar amount. Example: if you wanted a site designed that you know would take 4-figures to design and set up with all the bells and whistles, well, we couldn’t do that justice for a 3-figure rate and would tell you up front and offer suggestions to see what you think. We want you happy and boasting about us!

In a nutshell, how do you calculate our costs?

We can charge an hourly task rate and a flat rate for content, or even set up a custom package for your content and tasks. Regardless of the set up, whatever works best for both parties is goal. Our packages generally offer the best pricing over the long term, because we get in a mode where we know more what we're doing each day, and don't waste time with extra communications, setting up invoices / buttons, new pricing, etc. - -in short, taking into account all the extra time, effort, work and related items that also need to be added into the new pricing structure. But our other hourly and flat rates still offer super pricing and flexibility, to find out what works best for your team to get started.

Check out an example of a pricing break down possiblity:

A) For a $345 package, breaking down the monthly $ dollar amount into 4 weeks working M-F, we would work on your tasks that total your weekly $ amount (or daily breakdown, divided by 5 business days) $17.25 per day (roughly up to approx. 2 1/4 hours of work, depending upon tasks) for very basic work tasks, posting updates on what was done throughout the week in for you.

For more intermediate and advanced project task work, for instance, for high quality content creation, technical writing or web design, tech consulting for your Help Desk ticket replies, etc., just depends upon how difficult the tasks are & the skill sets that are needed, we adjust pricing accordingly (see pricing ranges at our Best Buys page, checking with you in advance for approval & working in consulting as needed to get you the best route to take, the best affordable methods to move ahead with, etc. No surprises, no added fees, no hidden costs. Open and up front all the way, that's how we work with you.

For example, if we have to set up accounts (like for Social Bookmarking or Craigslist, Hubpages, Knols, Squidoo, forums, etc.), day 1 for tasks could just be that - setting up accounts - plus maybe one or two posts... or something light combined). We can then report back to you daily, checking in with you for new tasks for the next day (some people post or email their tasks for us each morning, and we send back results by the evening).

B) Then when you get the hang of what works well for your projects, post a week or month ahead, as you'd like, whatever you're comfortable with & works best all around.

C) If you'd rather start smaller, we have the flat rate / per hour button on our page and you could simply start by ordering some hours first to start piecemeal.

I don’t see a package for what I want listed?

With more than 100+ product / service combinations available, there is no way to list everything and keep the packages and pricing lists up to date on a regular basis. So we focus on the most popular plans, what works best for our clients and our team, with plenty of information to help with customization.

You are always free to contact us with questions and project questions for a customized quote. Continue below for, “Procedures for requesting: Quote, Bid, IM (Instant Message), Skype, In-Person or Other Type Meeting,” to learn more. Also keep in mind we can package consulting in with your work and that is often a great way to kick off working together, so together we can determine a positive direction for your business needs and growth.

How many hours do I get for the payment?

It depends upon the work you have us do. Review all the above info, "In a nutshell, how do you calculate our costs," printing it out and really understanding content creation (not possible to do hourly with any outsource company) versus hourly task management at different payment levels according to skill sets, and payment fund handling, etc. We handle all that so you don’t need to get into micro-managing.

Do you handle content provided by others?

Yes, we sure can. First, though, we need to address how to handle possible rejection and revision work; for example, possible Copyscape, lack of needed word count, too sales-pitch oriented, and other related issues. We need to determine how to handle the issues, handling costs consideration for your project, etc. to avoid our going into lengthy and time-consuming communications on this end per each issue that can arise.

Worst-case scenario: we cannot rewrite total garbage and resubmit it - - all the work done with writing and submissions for free.

FYI: It's generally much more cost effective to have us handle the content creation and submissions since we know what directories and other online publishers want and can focus the content right the first time around.

Please help: I can’t decide if I need to order Content or the VA + Team Program or both, etc.? Confused.

- VA work generally focuses on hourly tasks you want completed, like internet marketing tasks, administrative tasks, manual article submission work, etc. It can include content, however, content is usually calculated at a 'word count' rate, so we could work that into the math for you.

- Keyword article content packs are another product / service altogether. Pricing depends upon the quantity and type of content you order.

Best Way to Proceed

Make your lists and see what you’re looking for. If you need VA help + content, I’d recommend starting out like it's mentioned above, breaking down a the month's retainer rate into four weekly amounts on scratch paper or a Word doc, etc. Then send your keywords here for that first week after you order, and we'll get your private member area in our eSupport Desk set up here: eSupport or via Gmail or other platform (very open to other options here) where our team works with you on your project tasks and content orders.

This VA program works best, too, because often a person hires a ton of content, yet runs out of time, energy, plans, etc. to use it all promptly, and thus it sits wasted. With VA work from week to week, we get what you need, then you can revise our hours the next week and have us put it to work for you. Then if you are ready, order more the following week, etc. In short, customize using our help each week for content needs, internet marketing tasks, etc. whatever you need so you are not tied down with 1 program. Also some marketers find they prefer more premium content, more professional freelance style. So they may alter their orders. So this pace helps target your business growth better right away.

What do you recommend for a newbie who is starting from scratch everything and / or someone who is having difficulty deciding ? I.E. someone who wants to start earning income here...?

Focus on what brings in money. If it's communications, then getting help with a Help Desk and marketing / sales work would be priority. If it's getting products set up and marketed, then focus on working with affiliate programs and IM (Internet marketing) until you get your own products (or ideas for them.)

Keep in mind that we offer over 100 services and there’s just no way to spend hours pricing out every single task and project combination. It’s like taking your car into the shop and asking a technician to write out the cost for every single thing he could fix on your car: every part, every system, etc. Impossible.

What works best is to have us help with your priority items first and in the meantime, we can add consulting to the mix (same hourly rate if you're in the flat rate plan or the wholesale) and / or price other tasks as we grow together in our working relationship. Then through consulting and pricing, etc., we can work towards solutions to set up systems for you and help with any other needs you have with your projects.

What about someone who has a lot going on & isn't sure where to start or has a lot of project description to ask about but it's too difficult to get specific bids on every item?

Have us help with your priority items first and in the meantime, we can add consulting to the mix (same hourly rate if you're in the flat rate plan or the wholesale). Then through consulting, we can work towards solutions to set up systems for you and help with any other needs you have with your projects.

What are some of the popular services you do in your VA work?

Some popular work we do for others includes:

- Craigslist & Other Classified ads
- eBay reports & auctions
- Virtual Real Estate Empire (VRE) building
- OnlyWire, Squidoo, Hubpages, MySpace, Google Knols, etc.
- PLR content creation and revision
- Press releases and articles, their submission and follow up (online and off)
- Blogs and blogging
- Linking and directory submission services
- Shopping cart set up and maintenance (adding products, lite copywriting for them, etc.)
- PLR branding, loading and marketing
- Affiliate program set up and operation
- And more...check our list updated regularly here: Top Tasks

Do you only work for Ohio companies?

No, we work for companies all over the world. For example, there are work samples from England, China and Greece on this site. The domain name refers to Ohio as the headquarters, but clients and workers are based all over the world.

Do you have samples?

Yes, we have many on this site and more for your review upon request. Here are several webpages with samples (click links below):

Do you have any references?

Yes, we have many. Testimonials are posted here and more are available upon request.

Who would I work with?

The main contact for the company is Diana Barnum, president of Moving Ahead Communications. Her Corporate Resume link is in the right-hand column with other information links and more information about the company is on the About Us webpage (click here). Diana will directly communicate with your staff and you, unless other arrangements are made and meet with your approval. Project helpers can include local workers in the Central Ohio area, virtual helpers, students and interns.

How do you handle payment and operations?

All work is satisfaction guaranteed. We offer a variety of levels (or payment ranges) of Move Ahead Plans ( M.A.P.'s ) to meet your budgeting needs, while providing you with a custom designed package of products and services listed above that fit into your budget and grow while your business grows. One payment level or 50 percent of the project is generally needed to begin a project (check with us for options).

For example, start off with a website creation, subscriber base and newsletter / ezine set up, autoresponder set up with a series of sales letters or classes to instruct your subscribers about your own products and services, email signature file ads with links and affiliate set up with links to bring in extra income. Then have us write ongoing press releases and articles and submit them to the media. Set aside a portion of time each week or month to have an ebook creation and online workshop / class ghostwritten by us. Then have us market them. Have us gather a list of prospects or send us yours in confidence and we'll make calls and follow up with faxes and emails. The possibilities are endless.

Cancellations, Refunds and Guarantees

We understand that things happen, timing may just not be right, the project may just not be a good fit at this time, etc. In short, life happens. Good news: we still aim to please, though!

To cancel a recurring charge:

1.Log in to your account.
2.Click the My Account tab.
3.Click Profile at the top of the page.
4.Click the Recurring Payments link in the Financial Information column.
5.Find the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel, and click the View Payment link.
6.Click the Cancel button and follow the online instructions.

Note: Canceled recurring payments can't be reactivated. Canceling a payment does not relieve your contractual obligation to pay us.

Check for any updates to these instructions.

To cancel a non-recurring (one-time) charge or other purchase, contact us to stop your project work, and see us about refund or alternative possibilities. Allow 24 business hours for a prompt reply.


As this is a service business, refunds are handled on an individual basis based upon project communications and work completed and in progress at the time of cancellation. For a refund, post a ticket in our support desk or reach out via our Contact Us page, and please allow up to 24 business hours for a reply and prompt handling of the case.


Our services and work are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you feel our services and / or work is not up to par with your expectations, and have brought this to our attention, yet there seems to be no prompt resolution or other solution in sight during the 30 days since your payment, see us for prompt handling of a refund. Note that we do not guarantee work or systems that are not our own; for example, if you hired us to set up your account with 1Shopping Cart or other third party software, and then decide you do not like how it operates, we cannot refund for our work spent there with that project.

What are your average procedures?

At the beginning of our first project together, we exchange complete contact information and get your account established. Then we email, chat or phone to discuss and obtain pre-approval for that current pay period' s plans.

Then throughout the project's pay period, we submit work items (ex: drafts, phone scripts, etc.) to you for approval, communications received from work contacts & any other items included in our project. Open communications are encouraged at all times. At the end of the pay period where applicable, we email (fax & postal mail options available) a progress report (generally you get these throughout, is what this means).

In order to establish firm commitment for the project period and to maintain operational solutions at annual discounted rates and payroll for our assistants, student helpers and interns on a regular basis, payment is due in regular installments with half down (and maintained throughout project.) Most types of credit cards are acceptable as well as checks and money orders. M.A.P.'s can easily be adjusted as agreed upon by both parties (generally with a simple email or phone call to confirm arrangements). And M.A.P.'s can be upgraded as space becomes available.

Additional Tidbits

1) Full time (FT) virtual assistant clients always get priority, consulting, help, etc. as needed per their projects. Tasks for part timers (those at an hourly rate or who’ve ordered packages / specials and / or 1-time purchases) are worked in around the FT tasks with an average deadline of completion being 7 business days from the time we get all your info and instructions, and confirm them with you. For faster deadlines and rush work, ask in advance before ordering for availability.

2) The private, hidden work areas are for full time virtual assistant clients. If part time work warrants such space, we will set it up.

3) Note that part timers’ orders do not include daily communications, hand-holding, consulting, free reviews, free advice, free help, etc. unless that was agreed to beforehand. In short, do not order part time hours then bug us daily about the progress, about how we run our business, etc. A work or purchase order is not a license to interview or seek anything else other than the agreed upon task work. Any questions, ask up front before ordering.

4) We do not handle gambling or adult (sex / porn, etc) content or other type of project work.

5) We do not engage in blackhat marketing – like using automated tools on Craigslist, posting questions AND replies for them on Yahoo Answers, etc.

How can I learn more?

Feel free to contact us and browse the rest of our brochure site here that is loaded with information: About Us, Awards, etc.

Procedures for requesting: Quote, Bid, IM (Instant Message), Skype, In-Person or Other Type Meeting

Short 1/2 - page form (choose your file type below):

Quote / Bid Form in MS Word .rtf
Quote / Bid Form in text
Quote / Bid Form in HTML

Basic Procedures & Guidelines

1. Please review the info we have here on our website.

2. Any one of our products and services can vary in range from a simple 2-4 figures and more, depending upon scope, info supplied, deliverables, project budgets, outsourcing expenses, workers costs, etc. (click any icons at the link above and see examples). So specifics will help in determining a price for your project.

3. We give out 1 quote for free, if the request follows within these parameters / guidelines:

Please note your details in bullet form for quick, easy viewing on our eyes and better readability; for example, like this:

- Page count needed
- Foft size
- Line and paragraph spacing (example: double, single)

4. Summarize your needs - -in bullet form - -within in 1-2 screen lengths ONLY of an email & include any necessary links within your message. DO NOT attach or link or in any other way try to supply us with something like a huge 24-page single-spaced manual in 8-pt. font with your company guidelines. There are pre-paid reading fees for those type requests and they MUST be approved beforehand.

Include the following information in your request:

(a) What type of info will you supply for us to work with or will you supply nothing (no ebooks for research info, etc.)?

(b) Your Deadline (rush works costs extra - generally 25%, depending upon rush timing, projects and workers on hand already).

(c) Contact name and info: Who do we work with on your end.

(c) Your project budget range (see #2 above: we need to know if we're working with a Fortune 500-type project that needs in-depth research, expensive technical work, etc. or a work-at-home entrepreneur who needs a much simpler solution costing much less).

(d) Payment arrangements - Using Paypal or MC / VISA or need other method? Note: unless approved beforehand, orders need placed with payment upfront first; partial or entire amount depends upon project needs.

(e) Complete contact information for this project; don't leave us hanging because your free email account at won't accept our emails. Provide complete contact info with phone number for USA clients, reliable email and mailing address for all clients. our info is all over our our web pages (complete street address, phones, several emails, etc.) We need to know who we are doing business with, too.

(f) For competitive price bid or quote - Bottom line: send your best offer that says exactly what you want, and we'll compete in that manner in accordance with these guidelines for a free quote (additional for a fee - info below).

5. Free Quote Info - Only one quote, presented with the info provided above in accordance with these guidelines, is offered at no cost. Further quotes carry fees, depending upon the scope of the work needed to develop the quote. This includes once a quote is given and should you decide to add something like a 24-page document, single spaced 8-pt font, of guidelines or necessary instructions once we have already quoted you (i.e. add this in afterwards and there is a pre-paid reading fee needed before we'll even accept the info on this end).

For Quotes Requiring Fees – You need to submit the basic information above for a free quote first in order to be considered for e lengthier commitment. Only a VERY brief email (1 screen length) of reason why this is not possible MAY be considered before you move on to the paid fee stage.

6. Skype / IM / Google or other Chat / IN-Person / Phone / etc. Meetings - For local people requesting an in-person meeting and for anyone requesting a Skype or IM, Google or other chat, phone or other meeting: there may be a minimum non-refundable fee for a meeting if one needs scheduled, and the fee needs to be paid in advance. The fee can be applied to the project once an agreement is reached; however, should further work not continue for whatever reason, the meeting fee is non-refundable to cover the meeting (time, prep work, etc) costs. Check in advance for fee amount.

7. For past and present clients, there may be exceptions to the information above; you're welcome to inquire beforehand.

Thanks for your interest and for reviewing our information. Comments, feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

Hint: Bookmark our site and stop back - often - and share the info with others who could use more good help for their projects!


We do offer limited consulting on a paid basis only. Contact us for details. Note: since most of our packages are all customizeable, consulting can be a part of any of them. Check in advance to see how we can set it up to fit your needs and project.

Thank You Gifts

In appreciation for your time and visit, you are invited to enjoy some free print magazine subscriptions, online classes and more by visiting: (click here) and (click here). (Note: Our student interns surf the web to find new goodies & keep this updated for our clients.) Thank you!

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 Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and for visiting today.

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