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You are invited to review some of our press releases and articles (click titles below). Note: Some articles we distributed that were authored by clients are included below. Their names are in the bylines.

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“ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Tips"

“ Powerful Press Releases of the Past"

“ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Main Methods"

“ Internet Marketing Success: Make Money With Social Media and Blogging SEO Tips"

“ Find the Latest Cincinnati Real Estate & Northern Kentucky Real Estate Info Online Today"

“ Individuals & Businesses Are Moving Ahead with The Ohio Help Group and Their SEO Ghostwriters & Virtual Assistants"

“Search Engines History, Structure, Function With SEO Ghostwriters and Virtual Assistants"

“Checklist for Publicity Success With a Press Release, Ghostwriters and Virtual Assistants"

“Internet Marketing Success: Make Money with Social Media and Blogging Today"

“Notable Newsworthy Press Release Topics and Tips"

“Jazz up your Seder with the New Shekelaire Passover Trivia Game for Just $5 - Instant Download"

“Announcing New eBook, “57 Easy Ways to Save $10,000 or More This Year” and Free Tips"

“HubPages, Squidoo, Article Directories or Content Hubs Like Helium"

“6 Major Press Release Mistakes to Avoid"

“How to Overcome 3 Main Challenges With Virtual Assistants"

“Virtual Assistants FAQs"

“Outsourcing With Virtual Assistants - 5 Major Avenues for Growing Your Business Today"

“How to Improve Communications With Your Virtual Assistant - 3 Steps to Success"

“8 Best Blogging SEO Tips"

“HIPAA Best Impartation of Knowledge about Operating Room Training-Through HIPAA Exams"

“HIPAA Training Introduces Aseptic Techniques Training with Quick Certification"

“Introducing Sharehype, the Revolutionary Tool for Online Marketers"

“How to Delegate Tasks to Your Virtual Assistants - 3 Steps to Success"

“Get Off to a Great Start With These Blogging Tech Tips"

“HIPPA Exams Launches New Courses"

“The Ohio Help Group Offers Linkvana 2.0 Upgrade Bundle & Free Downloads"

“10 HubPages and Squidoo Mistakes to Avoid"

“5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Virtual Assistants"

“Kingdom Media, LLC Teams Up with
Traffic Geyser (TG) & Offers Free Downloads & Consultation"

“Kingdom Media, LLC Teams Up with
Main Street Marketing Machines (MSMM) & Offers Free Downloads & Consultation"

“Kingdom Media Offers 6 Free Reports (Downloads) & Free Consultation To Help Your Business Dominate the First Page of Google"

“Entrepreneurs Make Millions with New Ask the Advisor On Call Service"

“Fast Fan Pages Offers Free Fan Page Templates and More"

“Popular Positive HubPages and Squidoo Points"

“3 Popular Ways to Make Bucks Blogging"

“The Ohio Help Group Offers New Social Networking & Marketing Bundle, Free Downloads & Ezine"

“Link Building With HubPages and Squidoo Checklist"

“Blogging For Bucks Is a Two-Fold Task"

“The Ohio Help Group Offers New Blogging for Bucks Bundle & Free Downloads"

“Popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services to Outsource to Virtual Assistants"

“How To Come Up With Hot Press Release Headlines"

“Search Engine Optimization - The Basics and Some Basic Methods"

“5 Tips for Working With a Personal Assistant or With Virtual Assistants"

“6 Point Press Release Checklist"

“5 Facts to Note About Virtual Assistants"

“Entrepreneurs Benefit from New Facebook Page for Copywriting, Small Business & Tax Advice"

“The Ohio Help Group Offers Free Downloads and New Fresh, Original Article Bundles
In Response to Internet Marketing Google Algorithms Evolution"

“Search Engine Optimization - What, When, Where?"

“Kingdom Media LLC Launches Facebook Page to Further Extend Their New Media Marketing Reach & Scope & Offers Free Consultation"

“Top 2010 and 2011 Virtual Assistant Tasks"

“Best Stun Gun Launches Facebook Page with Free Report, Ezine & Contest"

“Top 10 Niche Markets For 2011"

“3 Types of Body Pain You Must Never Ignore & Free NP3 Arthritis Pain Relief Download"

“Achieving Fast Weight Loss & Better Health - Free 7 day E-Course for Permanent Weight Loss and Vibrant Health"

“North Pittsburgh Pain Physicians Address Complex Pain Issues Using a Multidisciplinary Approach & Free Pain Relief Info"

“Rut Summit - Free Expert Interview with Charles Alsheimer"

“Land Your Trophy Buck with Free Rut Hunting Interview and Secrets from 6 Experts"

“3 Ways to Make Your Deer Hunting Experience"

“4 Skill Areas for Targeted White Tail Deer Hunting with TrophyBuckSecrets"

“Stun Guns, The Ultimate Protection - Learn How to Live Safely and Happily With the Free "Self Defense Secrets" Report"

“Top Virtual Assistant (VA) Tasks"

“100+ Ways to Benefit from Virtual Assistants"

“How to Enhance your White Tail Deer Hunting Experience with Trophy Bucks"

“Deer Hunting Made Special with TropyBuckSecrets and FoodPlotSuccessSummit"

“New Outsourcing Program Features Earning With Recurring Programs"

“Introducing the eSupport Club $99 Super Saver Menu of Virtual Assistants Services"

“Introducing eSupport Club's New Subhub Services For Your Membership Site"

“Introducing the new, Promotions for Your Home-Based Business - Online and Off"

“Introducing The Ultimate Guide To Getting Organized - Organization101"

“Hot News Alert: New Work from Home Opportunities For Merchant Services Agents"

“Announcing the New, Kids Birthday Parties: Secrets to the Best Party Ever"

“Announcing the New Beginner's Guide to Horse Training"

“PaymentMax Now Allows Merchants To Accept Payments Via iPhone And Verizon Droid"

“New Work from Home Opportunities Opened Up with PaymentMax Merchant Services ISO Agents"

“3 Reasons You Should Review eSupport Club's Paul Evans Coaching / Mentoring and Nicheology Service Packages"

“3 Main Features of eSupport Club, Featuring Linkvana and Paul Evans Coaching"

“3 Effective Tips to Help Dieters Lose 0.5% of Body Fat from the Stars Diet Tips Ebook"

“PaymentMax Announces Next Day Payment Processing For Merchants"

“New Effective Daily Workout 4 Secrets with Harvard Research, A Must Read"

“Finance News Alert: Next Day Funding Merchant Service"

“New Weight Lifting Techniques Website"

“New Pushup Workout Program"

“Gigantic List Building &Traffic Generation Event Kick-Off:
The New Year Giveaway 2009"

“PaymentMax Launches New Website To Better Serve Businesses 3 Main Ways"

“Moving Ahead Communications Announces Launch Of Set & Forget Web 2.0 Publishing: Eric Shannon Package Of Services Aimed At Helping Online Businesses Start & Grow"

“New Blog Launches: The Latest Anti Wrinkle Cream Reviews"

“Ohio Help Group's Personal Virtual Assistants Outsourcing Team Shares
Free Ghostwriting Do's and Don'ts Guide & Podcast"

“Realtor Offers 24/7 Help to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Condo Buyers and Sellers"

“New Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Real Estate Websites Help Buyers and Sellers 24/7"

“Personal Virtual Assistants Outsourcing Team Shares
Free Recession Proof Fast Cash Guide & Resources"

“Ultimate Fighter Psychology Coaches Train the Brain for Victory"

“Affiliate Black Book Launched Friday the 13th
Proves X Marks the Spot"

“Free Meditation Demo Sites Offered by Holothink"

“Gigantic List Building &Traffic Generation Event Kick-Off:
Social Marketing Gifts Giveaway 2009"

“Gigantic List Building &Traffic Generation Event Kick-Off:
Easter JV Giveaway 2009”

“Moving Ahead with Ghostwritten Content & Virtual Assistants’ Outsource Services”

“Traffic Generation & List Building with Successful New Free Manual Traffic Exchange Membership”

“Moving Ahead by Outsourcing with a Virtual Assistant & Team”

“New Marketing Operator Software Rated Top Choice Among Internet Home Based Businesses”

“Moving Ahead with American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) Packs at Press Success”

“Every Day is Saturday with Keynote Speaker Sam Crowley”

“Moving Ahead with Mix-N-Match Subscription Website Packs at Press Success”

“Maximizing Leads Generation with New Traffic Exchange Program Extraordinaire”

“How to Work With Outsourcing Teams and Virtual Assistants”

“FAQs about Outsourcing with Virtual Asssitants”

“Dublin (Ohio) eBay Lunchbox Learning Series Offers Secrets to Successful eBay Sales”

“Affiliate Marketing Explained: “How to Earn with Affiliate Marketing” ”

“Empower Your Daughters by Redefining Beauty”

“Is It Time To Tell Your Daughter About Menopause?”

“Super Fast Way to Buy & Sell a House with SuperCheapProperty”

New Outsourcing Concept Advances Business with a Virtual Assistant & Team Program: How to use Outsourcing & Virtual Assistants with these 3 Main Areas of Business

“Introducing For the Two Most Important Internet Marketing Methods Your Business Needs"

“Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky are Hot Spots!"

“Who Says That Seniors Have to Wear Kimono Sleeves?"

Finally One Product with a Twofold Solution to Your Floor Problems
“Prevent Permanent Concrete Stains and Protect the Environment at the same time"

Finally One Product with a Twofold Solution to Your Floor Problems
“Protect Your High-Traffic Flooring and Prevent Permanent Stains”

The Time to Plan Ahead for a Hurricane is Now
“Put a Sock in it – a Hurricane Sock!”

"Save Money with Energy Saving Draft Stoppers"

"Creating Return Customers"

"Tweak Away with These 20 Copywriting Tips & Tricks"

"4 Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips to Try"

"10 Viral Marketing Strategies to Try"

"9 Top Business and Personal Applications for Blogs"

"How to Transform Even the Most Basic Site into a Membership Site"

"Domain Forwarding Versus Domain Masking"

"Checklist for Affordable, Professional Site Building in Minutes"

"Online Shopping Solutions with Carts"

"Quick Solutions with Blogs"

"7 Video Marketing Tricks and Tactics That I Borrowed from Kelvin Brown"

"Introducing WEBSITE TONIGHT®, a Professional Quick Site Builder with RSS & More"

"Oprah Announces Grand Opening of Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet"

"Personal Strategic Planning Can Make This Your Best Year Ever!"

"Advantages of Website Blocking"

"Millionaire of the Month Memberships"

"The Basic Marketing Plan"

"Welcome Tips For Winter Wedding Planning"

"Holiday Centerpiece Ideas"

"Decorating For Special Occasions"

"Introducing New Online Nursing Information Resource Center"

"How a Mural Can Improve Your Home"

"New Website Makes Début: One Million Resolutions, A Site That Puts Your Resolutions to Work for You"

"How to Fix Ebook Errors: Simple Solutions"

"Samaritan’s Purse Fundraiser Fills Gaps for Children’s Charity"

"Live Event and Continuity Program Offers an Unconventional Education in the Future of Online Marketing and Publishing"

“Conference Couples Renown Motivational Speakers With Business Development Experts Creating Ultimate Networking Experience"

“Inviting People to Read Your Website Articles"

“Jazz and the New Songbook Artists, Starring Carmen Lundy"

“Three Top Areas of Focus for Your Article Content"

“What to Consider Before Submitting Your Articles Online"

“Powerful Press Release Distribution Tips"

“Back-to-Basics: The Top Four Focal Points of Websites"

“The New IM Frontier: Get Out Of The Sandbox and Other Applications of Social Networking"

“Teaming Up With Home-Based Success: The Proof is in the Earnings"

“Timely Business Tips"

“Improve Your Campaigns with More Site Prep"

“Improve Your Campaigns with Good Site Prep"

“Spark Up Your July 4th With 24 Hours of Motivation"

“Easy Affiliate Marketing"

“Targeting Your Blog Content and Theme"

“Successful Forum JVs and How to Get Them"

“Prime Affiliate Promo Ideas"

“Growth of Women-Owned Businesses Explodes! Demand for Training and Assistance is Needed Now to Help Businesswomen Achieve Full Potential"

“Nifty Networking Tips"

“Affiliate Promotion with Your Blog"

“Scottsdale Real Estate Buyers & Sellers Prosper From High Tech Agent"

“Technical Writing Tips"

“Press Release Writing Tips"

“Hot Tips on Content & Syndication for Your Blog"

“Internet Marketers Are Launching New Video
Content and Syndication Tactics"

“How to Improve Emergency Situations With
Affordable Emergency Monitoring Systems"

“The Olympic Attitude…Whatever it Takes!"

“Get Lucky!"

“Great Lessons Begin Early"

“Success Secrets of a Three-Time Olympian"

“Internet Marketers Are Mastering New Media Content and Syndication Tactics"

“Where’s Your Helping Hand?"

“What's Your Style?"

“Stop and Go Home"

“Can I share the ultimate secret to success with you?"

“How to Enjoy a Healthier Life with a New Series"

“New Book Presents Step-By-Step Map For All Levels of Entrepreneurship"

“Celebrity Designer Launches Fall 2006 Collection At Magic International"

“Expo To Help Americans Realize Their No. 1 Goal: Owning A Small Business"

“How to Generate Permanent Passive Income Streams for Life”

“Introducing Property Buyers and Sellers to the Christel Connection”

“Kick Off The New Year With 24 Hours of Motivation”

Paris Hilton Wins “Sexiest Celebrity of 2005”

14 Ways to Double Your Profits NOW

The Incredible Image -- 8 Steps to Put Your Business’ Best Foot Forward

OAIMA Honors RT Industries

How to Look Like a Million Without Spending It: Links Between Fashion and Finance

Dress for Success to be Your Best!

Clone Sheep Not Clothes

TopLine Expands Services - - Work-At-Home & Earn 6-Figures

7 Secrets For Taking Your Business To A New Level

A New Approach To Internet Business Seminars ‘Repacking New Orleans Workshop’

Increase Work-At-Home Income By Teaming Up Online

Brand YOU® -7 Steps to Cultivate Your Brand and Bring Out the Best in YOU

Learn From The Pros: ‘How To Make Over $20,000 Per Month’

Back To School Tips: Universal Secrets Of Success

What Should I Be When I Grow Up?

Boost Your Sales Confidence

Adsense Crashers - The BAD Boys

Content Desk Virtual Publishing Empire
- Teaming Up For Their Share of More Than $7 Billion in SE Marketing

Content Desk Virtual Publishing Empire
- Cashing In On What More Than One Billion Surfers Want Most

Guidelines for Corporate Gift Giving

Make Sure You’re Holding The Right Cards

Dream Stealers™......... Beware!! They Are Everywhere

"Work Stinks" Smelliest Shirt Contest

Become A Mentor!

Never Throw Business Away

Habits Sizzling Salespeople Have in Common

Something From Nothing, With Something To Share


New Yoda - Student Becomes Teacher: May the 48 Laws of Power Be With You!

Need Some Advice?

The Easiest Way to Hit a Goal Is to Give Yourself One to Hit

New Video Newsletter For Search Engine Marketing That Is Projected To Reach $11.6 Billion By 2010

Failing Forward Successfully

The Laptop Guy Sponsors the First Annual “Just In Case” Party to Benefit the Franklin County Dog Shelter

The Secrets to Success Discovered Through Self-Promotion

Aggregate and Industrial Mining in Ohio

10 Quick Ways To Improve Your Ad Copy

5 Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

How To Jump Start Your Sales

Top 10 Ways To Sell Your Products and Services

How To Sell Your Products and Services Now

How To Keep Your Sales Soaring

10 Ways to Increase Your Traffic And Sales

10 More Ways to Increase Your Traffic And Sales

The ABC’s of Cyber-Shop Set-Up & Marketing

How to Market with Niche Auction Sites

How Can the Average Person Build Wealth in Real Estate?

New Test Drive for Performance Automotive Solutions
Online at

10 Questions: Do You Have What it Takes?

INTRODUCING: "What's in a Name?" Contest

How to Really Benefit from Associations (Part I of III):
“How to Develop Industry Contacts”

How to Really Benefit from Associations (Part II of III):
“Tips For Improved Networking in Associations”

How to Really Benefit from Associations (Part III of III):
“Researching Associations in Your Industries”

How to Handle 12 Big Issues for Small Businesses

Universal Success Secrets Shared

How to Increase Sales with Automation Improvements

How to Enhance Sales with Ebooks

Classified Ads - What Works, What Doesn't

Mark Victor Hansen to Keynote Success Summit

Introducing: Brian Rogers

Teacher Turns Entrepreneur

German Village Society Revamps Website

New Merger, New Name:
CENTURY 21 Hometown Realty

Celebration with Free Downloads:
Linda Fibich - Earns Centurion Award Three Consecutive Years

Tendu Magazine : NEWS

Remodeled Bookstore Offers Super Specials


Free Online Quiz: For Legal and Financial Professionals and Their Clients




BOTTOM LINE - ARE YOU PREPARED? Prepare with Free Online Assessment Report!

How to Conquer Mental Maladies: Coping with Anxiety (Part 1 of Maladies Series)

7 Steps to More Referral Sales

Tendu Magazine Announces Launch of Website & Free AD Listings

Build Healthy Writing Habits

Brier’s Virtual HI-Tech A/V Showroom Wins Award

Hilliard Rotary Donates Internet Space to Local Nonprofits

Largest National Employment & Labor Law Firm Elects Local Mrkonich to Exec Committee

Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce: Economizing 10 Share Trade Show Table

Outclass the Competition Series Launches at Digerati Link Conference Centers

Copper.Net Takes on Toughman Contest in Marion

OSU Student Establishes HQ & Fun Facts about Fungi

Copper.Net Goes National

Make the Most of Your Writer's Group

Creative Living Golf Classic


Columbus Film Consortium

Digerati Link Conference Centers

C. Brand, Attorney at Law

Physicians Guild of America

Mutual Insurance Group


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